500 Target Members (For Group)

Дата публикации: 21.10.2022

500 Target Members (For Group)

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?500 Target Members(Group)

? For Group only

? 100% Legit

? 100% Real accounts

? Active members

? Fast delivery (1 to 10H)

? Low Leaving rate

? No need to username & password

? Payment methods (BTC) & (Webmoney) (Credit Card)

I am glad to advise you that we can invite your competitor group members to your groups. I mean, We can export any group´s member, then invite them to your groups.

This is the best way to increase Crypto Curencies Related Members, Real ICO Members or adding members according to your target to your group.

We would like to send you a test member (mesage me https://t.me/wavemember_info)

be aware that this service is only for Telegram Groups.
For channel, it is better to use our other services

Цена: 1745.3106 руб.

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